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Zero Bezel LCD Video Wall

Unique Seamless Technology. Our high resolution 46″ and 55″ seamless LCD video can be used in almost any large display application.

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Unique Seamless Technology. Our high resolution 46″ and 55″ seamless LCD video walls with high contrast ratio and brightness available, are perfect for the use in retail, hotels & leisure, entertainment, security, TV – stage sets, museums, innovation centres, exhibitions and almost any large display application.

  • Zero bezel, No gaps visible, 100% active area
  • 4K and full HD, 700 to 2000 nits super high brightness
  • Extremely perfect video quality
  • LED back light, energy-saving
  • PIP & POP, Daisy chaining solution
  • Audio out plus USB plug and play
  • Landscape or portrait installation
  • Ultra-light weight design, easy installation
  • Up to 10×10 tile configuration
  • Over MTBF 60,000 hours above lifespan 7×24 hours continuous working
    Longer lifetime, MTBF 60,000 hours above

For an example of our zero bezel LCD video wall which were produced for the NextEV Formula E please click here.

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