Our LED/LCD technology has no limitations when it comes to making your company stand out from the crowd. Regardless of what business you’re in, you can enjoy a multitude of applications with our LED lighting systems and LCD video walls. You simply need to take a look at our body of work to date to see just how versatile we are when applying LED/LCD couture to the imaginative and creative visions of our clients.

Video/DMX LED Strip

Video/DMX LED Strip is a fully intergrated LED and IC chip in full RGB to give you multiple colour options. Running on a 5 volt DC power supply, other features include; brightness up to 7000 cd/m2, a viewing angle of 170 x 170 and an LED chip refresh rate of 120Hz-360z.

This is available in a wide variety of pixel pitches and lengths. This is the perfect solution for comprehensive range of indoor and outdoor applications.

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Launched in 2017, the new ELPORT MULTI-TOUCH is the largest infrared interactive display solution; transforming any LED or LCD video wall - up to 500'' into a touch screen.

Using an array of horizontal and vertical infrared LED and photo detector pairs around the edges of the screen to detect a disruption in the pattern of LED beams by fingers, stylus’ or pens. Unlike capacitive touchscreens, the infrared touchscreen does not require any pattern on the glass, which increases durability and optical clarity.

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Our LED light boxes have virtually no size limitations and can be customised to your exact needs, colours, and specifications. Making them suitable for any event, retail and collaboration environment.

Combining precision–engineered aluminium frames and tension fabric graphics that can be installed quickly and easily. Using solid-state, LED lighting, allowing to maintain a compact footprint, high brightness levels, and perfectly even light distribution across the large, interchangeable graphic surface.

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StoryStream is a realtime content curation and publishing platform. We help brands create live content experiences that drive engagement and amplify conversation. Make your audience part of your story....

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Unique Seamless Technology. Our high resolution seamless LCD video walls are perfect for the use in retail, hotels & leisure, entertainment, sercurity, TV - stage sets, museums, innovation centres, exhibitions and almost any large display application.

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Launched in 2017, the new ATHENA ultra lightweight Seamless LED Video Wall provides the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The 10mm-33mm ultra slim module can be effortlessly assembled & installed by one engineer, saving valuable time and resources.

The state of the art LED technology is perfect for the use in advertising, entertainment, retail, hotels & leisure, TV studio, commercial environments and exhibitions arenas; or any large display application.

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It is this passion for every last detail that makes us the industry leaders in LED Video Lighting Design and Manufacturing. Your budget is never an obstacle for us.